A Glance at the Tech Trends for Mobile Accessories

The quick proliferation of Smartphones and other mobile devices has shaped up the corresponding demand for mobile phone accessories. From power banks, wireless chargers to Bluetooth headphones, USB-C MagSafe Adapter, these products have become a part of our living, and there are thousands of choices available in the market. Due to growing incomes and the […]

The Emerging Wireless Technology

Since Apple introduced its new iPhone last fall, wireless charging technology has been in the limelight ever since. Wireless charging is a new technology allows charging without cable over a short distance. Wireless charging has many advantages; it is not only quicker and more comfortable compared to traditional charging method; some quick wireless charging pads […]

Why not creating 3-in-1 dual lightning with 3.5mm headphone jack adapter to facilitate all iPhone users?

I’m not a prophet, but since the day Apple confirmed that its iPhone 7 would only sport a lightning port, I’d already known the decision of removing the headphone jack was somewhat premature. Personally, I’ve never been truly convinced that 3.5mm headphone jack is about to go obsolete and unnecessary, especially I’m not a big […]